Futurium Kapitel Zwei Berin

Futurium – The House of the Future

Excursion with your German language school in Berlin

On Thursday, 28th November, why don’t you join Kapitel Zwei for a visit to the Museum Futurium at Moabit, after or before your German course? We ask ourselves the question: “How do we want to live in the future? Find visions and solutions on our tour with our beloved Antonella.

“The House of the Future” is a brand-new museum in Berlin. It opened its doors on September 5 of this year. And what is so special about it? The Futurium is a museum-forum-stage in one. It is a project initiative to create space for science, research, politics and development. Everything that is exhibited and presented here is all about your future and how you want to live. You can either passively look at many possible scenarios for our life in the future or actively express your opinion on various topics – in German, no matter which language level you have, no matter which German course you are attending.The entrance is free and stays gratis until 2020.

And? Are you a little curious and interested in a future outside of Kapitel Zwei? Then join your German language school in the futurium and let’s think about life together.

Registration – Costs – Meeting Point


Please register in the office (of your German language school) by Monday, 25 November.

The minimum number of participants is 5.


Admission is free. Please bring 1€ for the locker.

Meeting point:

We will meet on Thursday, November 28, at 3 p.m. in the foyer of your German language school and from there we will go together to the Futurium, Alexanderufer 2, 10117 Berlin.

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