Späti-tour through Berlin

Like the “real Berliners”

On Wednesday, August 21st, we want to drink like the real Berliners. And whre do we go after your German course in Berlin? We make a nice Späti-tour in Kreuzberg.

What’s a Späti anyway? The Späti is a small shop where you can buy food and snacks, drinks, tobacco and much more. “Späti” is a short version of the word “kiosk for late shopping”. According to an online encyclopedia, the Spätis have existed since the times of the GDR and they were important for the food supply of shift workers who had late shifts and were unable to go to the supermarket. In the GDR the supermarkets were open until 6 pm and the Spätis until 8 pm.

Meanwhile the Spätis in Berlin are open even longer, some even 24 hours! Some of them even have tables and chairs in front of the door. We want to visit such Spätis so that we can have a drink together and stroll through the Kreuzberg district.

And? Are you with your German language school? We will meet around 6 pm at the subway station Görlitzer Bahnhof and walk from there together to the different Spätis.

Kapitel Zwei is looking forward to seeing you!

Registration – Costs – Meeting Point


Please register at the office of your German language school in Berlin by Tuesday, 20th August.


Admission is free. Drinks are subject to a charge.

Meeting point:

We will meet on Wednesday, 21st of August, at the subway station Görlitzer Bahnhof at 6 pm. From there we all walk together to the first Späti.

Você quer aprender alemão com sucesso?