School and House Rules

Rules of Kapitel Zwei. Deutsch-Sprachschule Berlin GmbH


The school and house rules of Kapitel Zwei Berlin regulate the cooperation of all parties involved in the operative working of the school, beyond those already stipulated by the law, so that everyone within the school can feel at ease. This is made possible by adherence to a set of rules which determine rights and responsibilities. Considerateness of others and a willingness to help shall be recognised by all parties involved as a requirement for a good school atmosphere.

§1 Scope/Property rights

  1. The school and house rules apply to all persons within our school premises and virtual classrooms.
  2. The property rights are exercised by the management of Kapitel Zwei Berlin.
  3. Should management be absent or otherwise hindered, the management assistent or our school team shall stand in.

§2 General objectives and code of conduct

  1. At Kapitel Zwei Berlin the dignity of all parties involved has to be respected. Neither teachers nor students nor parents, as well as all others who belong to the school community, must have their physical or psychological integrity endangered, injured, or violated. Ostracism, intolerance and verbal abuse are not tolerated by us.
  2. At Kapitel Zwei, no one should be discriminated against or favoured because of their race, race, gender, or belief. Teachers, employees, customers are to be treated equally in this regard. On this basis, Kapitel Zwei exercises domiciliary rights. People who spread right-wing extremist, racist, anti-Semitic or anti-democratic ideas are to be excluded. Anyone who noticeably violates the stated principles will be expelled from the premises. Within this framework, Kapitel Zwei also reserves the right to regulate the availability of the school program or teaching assignments or employment relationships accordingly.
  3. Bringing of dangerous items or materials into the school, which in nature or content are considered defamatory towards a third party on the basis of their skin colour, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, is forbidden.
  4. The principle of accountability is demanded of everyone, both for his/her action or inaction. Property of Kapitel Zwei Berlin has to be treated sensibly and with care, as is the property of others. Someonw who dirties, damages or destroys something, must answer for the damages. Cases of willful property damage or serious defilement will be prosecuted against.
  5. Every user of our internet connection is obligated to respect online conventions (“Netiquette”), not to compromise the security and/or functionality of any system, and not to attempt to break into the network of Kapitel Zwei Berlin or any other network. All users are obligated to follow all applicable local, national, and, where appropriate, international laws as well as to respect guidelines and/or directives.
  6. Visitors to our school are to sign in at the front desk.
  7. Severe transgression of the school and house rules can result in students being excluded and banned from the premises without compensation.
  8. Any criminal acts or other summary offences will be prosecuted.

§3 Lessons und Breaks

  1. Lessons begin and end at the times agreed in advance. The office opens and closes at the stated opening times.
  2. The breaks between classes do not exceed 15 minutes (in-classroom teaching and 3-hour courses). There is no break in two-hour classes/courses.
  3. Teachers arrive online and offline on time for lessons and explain their own late arrival if necessary. If a course is still without a teacher five minutes after the start of the lesson, the course participants inquire at the reception.
  4. All course participants: Make every effort to show up for class on time (online & offline). In the event of a delay of more than 15 minutes, course participants are only allowed to join the lesson after the break.
  5. Substitute hours are teaching hours. The teacher prepares the content for substitute hours and class cancellations.
  6. During the lessons, the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers or any media playback devices by is not permitted. Only if the use is exclusively for teaching purposes and has also been approved by the teacher.
  7. The consumption of food and drinks is generally not permitted within the school building as a protection measure against corona. Wearing a medical mask is compulsory.