Experience: Communication! – Museum for Communication Berlin

On tour with Kapitel Zwei – Your German language school

On Thursday, 27th of February, Kapitel Zwei will visit the Museum for Communication Berlin at 3.15 p.m. together with you. For what reason? For all of us communication seems as natural as breathing. Without communication you can’t cope! So, which important role does it have in our lives?

The permanent exhibition in the « Museum for Communication Berlin » shows the past, present and future within our information society. We’ll be surprised by the three charming robots, which welcome us in the museum’s atrium. How do we communicate with them? Can I buy them at amazon already?

In past times people communicated by smoke signals, later by a tin can phone, but what about today? What are the names for all the very modern devices, which you are using? How might communication look like by the time you are old and feeble? In the museum you’ll find out everything about the history of 2000 years of communication. In what way has your sense for time and space altered? Which consequences await us with the acceleration of passenger and goods transportation, and data transmission. How will it be possible to maintain message protection?

Get interesting insights beforehand by watching the following video footage:

Further Highlights

Together with your language school for German you will also visit the collection rooms of the Museum for Communication Berlin. There, we’ll gain insights into writing culture, postal history, telephony, as well as telecommunications and radio and television broadcasting.

Another highlight is the Green Screen-Studio. There, you’ll get to know the world behind the camera. With that knowledge you might soon become a YouTube-star yourself, or a so-called “influencer”!

Our visit will end in the Treasure Chamber. There, 17 special display cases present the background stories to the most legendary and valuable exhibits of the museum. They include the postmark stamp which the Russian cosmonauts took into space, the first telephone invented by Philipp Reis, and world’s most famous stamp: The Blue Mauritius.

 “Like you!” – Friendship digital and analogue – exhibition

What does friendship mean to us? How has the concept of friendship changed with the new forms of communication? Let’s visit this exhibition together and then discuss our opinions about friendship.

Registration – Meeting point – Costs

Get registered in the office until Tuesday, 25th of February.

Admission fee is 6€. Please pay the admission fee in cash when registering in the office. Thank you very much.

We will meet on Thursday, 27th February, at about 3 pm in the foyer of your German language school. From there we will make our way together to the Museum for Communication, Leipziger Str. 16, 10117 Berlin.

We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, and we are happy to have you as Kapitel Zwei’s company!

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