Kapitel Zwei Berlin journey continues

It has been amazing hearing German spoken around me and understanding more and more of
it, as well as discovering what so many of the signs, announcements, menus, and more mean
around my environment. I always love how language learning is like a puzzle that slowly gets
revealed with each new step you attain.

Kapitel Zwei Berlin Life of Brian

Hi from Germany! My name is Brian Greco and I am a student and traveler from New York. I am here in Berlin beginning my study of the German language at Kapitel Zwei. I came for the summer to learn German for personal enrichment and to have an excuse to …


Deutschklasse is in session! Just checked in at my German school here in Berlin, Kapitel Zwei. So organized and a great first impression. Really cool people here. Chatting with a guy from Nicaragua (told him about my trip!) and a guy from China (practicing Chinese!). I love the world! Let’s go, Deutsch!


First day of class a success! I LOVE my teacher Frau Marion. Class moved quickly and we dove right into grammar structure, my favorite part. She knows so many languages and keeps things flowing. Class is small and diverse and friendly. Great vibe at Kapitel Zwei. So many students! I’m so happy I found this school. Ich bin Brian, ich wohne in Berlin, ich liebe Deutsch

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