Comer barato en Berlín

Viajar a la capital germana y hacer turismo gastronómico no siempre tiene por qué ser válido solo para unos pocos. A diferencia de los costes de alojamiento o transporte, existen rincones de Berlín donde poder degustar la gastronomía alemana a un precio para todos los bolsillos…

German school Berlin international relationship

As a licensed psychologist in the United States, in my current career as a personal coach in Berlin, and as part of an international marriage myself, I give you my top five tips for a healthy international relationship…

Running in Berlin German school

Relocating to a new country also provides a great opportunity to reinvent your habits. Since moving to Berlin last year, I have surprised myself by becoming a runner…

Döner Berlin

In order to be efficient in Kapitel Zwei German class, you need a full belly. Good thing Berlin is renowned for its cheap quality street food. Quality means that I won’t speak about this Currywurst …

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