Language levels

European Framework for German Courses

Following the “European Framework for Languages“, we offer 6 different proficiency levels (A1 – C2). Each level consists of 2 stages. Each stage is a 4 week German intensive course in which you intensively practice “grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, communication, and oral and written expression”. Therefore you can study for up to 12 months at „Kapitel Zwei. German language school Berlin“. Your teacher is a native speaker. The teaching language is German.

Every month the new online and offline German courses in Berlin start again at Kapitel Zwei Berlin.

  • Intensive German course A1
  • Intensive German course A2
  • Intensive German course B1
  • Intensive German course B2
  • Intensive German course C1
  • Intensive German course C2

Learn German in Berlin with “Kapitel Zwei, German language school” centrally located between Heinrich-Heine-Straße (U8) and Märkisches Museum (U2)

Overview of levels and skills

With the help of our accurate placement test, we ensure you the perfect start in the convenient German course at your own language level.


Get an overview of your skills and capabilities, which you have achieved in each level


You understand simple sentences and can express yourself in a simple way in day to day situations.


You can already apply more complex grammar and understand frequently used expressions.


You are able to speak simply but continuously about yourself and familiar topics.


You already have a large vocabulary repertoire and lead conversations on a normal/good level for many different topics.


You express yourself very clearly, well-structured and in detail on complex social or professional issues and understand challenging texts.


Without much effort you communicate spontaneously and fluently and understand very complex issues.