Intensive German Course in Berlin

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Face-to-face teaching in a real classroom (#offline) – from € 222!

Classes in our virtual classroom (#online) – from € 242!

If you are looking for the ideal intensive German course to learn German intensively in Berlin in real or virtual classrooms, then come to Kapitel Zwei! You will make great progress for low prices when learning German according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In order to develop your German in all areas (such as conversation, grammar, vocabulary, listening, and writing), we learn in small groups. This gives you the chance to speak often, be corrected, expand your vocabulary and to discuss exercises.

Every month the new online and offline German courses in Berlin start again at Kapitel Zwei Berlin.

Whether virtual or real life lessons – our German courses remain high quality, professional, well-founded and reliable.

  • Intensive German course A1
  • Intensive German course A2
  • Intensive German course B1
  • Intensive German course B2
  • Intensive German course C1
  • Intensive German course C2
  • German according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • After completing your German course you will receive a certificate free of charge
Deutschkurs intensiv in Berlin

Learn German in Berlin with “Kapitel Zwei, German language school” centrally located between Heinrich-Heine-Straße (U8) and Märkisches Museum (U2)

Prices for intensive courses (4 weeks) in Berlin

4 weeks (Mo - Thu)

Offline courses
Real classroom

Online courses
Virtual classroom

Intensive German course

262 €
Classic Course Tariff

242 €
Economic tariff or
Booking with a special course

222 €
3 months booking (666 €) or
Friends tariff

Intensive German Course

282 €
 Classic Course Tariff

262 €
Economic tariff or
Booking with a special course

242 €
3 months booking (3x 242 €) or
 Friends tariff

For more information about the tariffs, click on your desired tariff.

You can write down your desired tariff in the comments field of the registration form.

Course location

Kapitel Zwei Berlin

Thanks to our central location, you
can usually reach Kapitel Zwei in
less than 30mins by subway or

Course location

Online at your favorite place.

Number of participants

5-12 participants

Available class times

o9 am - 12 pm
12 pm - 03 pm
03 pm - 06 pm
06 pm - 09 pm

Number of participants

max. 8 participants

Available class times

o9 am - 11 am
12 pm - 02 pm
03 pm - 05 pm
06 pm - 08 pm

Units per week

16 (4 × 45 minutes a day),
20 teaching units possible by
course combination at extra charge

Units per week

≈ 11 (2 x 60 minutes a day)
≈ 13 teaching units possible by
course combination at extra charge



The German class will include


*Changes possible, in case of a further Corona wave.