Preparation for the telc Deutsch B1 examination in Berlin

High-speed preparation on-site (real classroom) in Berlin or online

– Face-to-face teaching in a real classroom (#offline): € 162!

– Classes in our virtual classroom (#online): € 162!

Every month the new online and offline preparation courses in Berlin start again at Kapitel Zwei Berlin.

Whether virtual or real life lessons – our German courses remain high quality, professional, well-founded and reliable.

You already have advanced basic skills in German? You would like to certify these for your international work environment, for university or private purposes or for your German naturalization? Then sign up right away for our high-speed preparation for the telc German B1 exam in Berlin!

Kapitel Zwei Berlin is an official examination centre and telc licenced partner. The telc institute awarded your language school with the distinction “exemplary – best practice” for exam organisation and implementation.

telc stands for “The European Language Certificates”.

High-speed preparation telc Deutsch B1 exam in Berlin

High-speed preparation telc Deutsch B1 exam in the centre of Berlin with “Kapitel Zwei, German language school” centrally located between Heinrich-Heine-Straße (U8) and Märkisches Museum (U2)

telc B1 Preparation - Overview of offline & online courses

telc B1 Preparation

Offline courses
real classroom

Starting every month
(4 weeks)

Online courses
virtual classroom

Starting every month
(4 weeks)

Start of the course

Every month the new German courses start again at Kapitel Zwei (dates of courses here).


162 €
Classic Course Tariff

Available class times,
Day of the week

06 pm - 08 pm
Tuesday + Thursday

o9 am - 01.20 pm (incl. a 20 min. break)

o9 am - 01.20 pm (incl. a 20 min. break)

Units per week

240 minutes

Number of

5-12 participants

max. 8 participants

Recognition of the language certificate telc Deutsch B1

The telc German B1 certificate is recognized in many areas:

1. The professional world is becoming more and more international. A lot of jobs require you to master German in addition to another language. Right after completing your telc Deutsch B1 exam in Berlin, you can update your languages on your CV with “independent speaker at a B1 level”. The telc German language certificate provides detailed information about your individual proficiencies in the areas of reading, listening, grammar skills, writing as well as speaking.

2. The second recognition of the certificate telc Deutsch B1 concerns universities in the subjects music and the arts in Berlin and all of Germany. The Fulda University of Applied Sciences accepts the B1 certificate for studies in economics, media, public health, care/nursing, electronics, IT, social affairs and law. The University of Weimar accepts the same for studies in architecture, urban planning and civil engineering.

3. Moreover, the language certificate telc Deutsch B1 is recognized by German law concerning foreigners, in the area of nationalization. Here, too, persons older than 16 are required to possess adequate German skills to function and communicate in everyday life.

To meet these requirements, we thus recommend visiting our high-speed preparation course for the telc Deutsch B1 exam. This German course lasts 4 weeks and is oriented on the Common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFR).

High-speed preparation telc Deutsch B1 exam in Berlin

Kapitel Zwei will accompany you from the preparation to taking the telc Deutsch B1 exam right here in our building. We will offer you support and advice throughout the entire process.

Do you want to pass telc Deutsch B1 successfully?