telc deutsch testdaf

Telc German exam or TestDaF exam

Kapitel Zwei – Examination centre in Berlin for both examination formats

Before you spend sleepless nights thinking about which exam to take at the Kapitel Zwei exam centre, we’ll give you valuable tips and helpful information along the way.

We explain the following points to you in detail:

1. What is your goal?

Like everywhere in life, it is important that you have a clear goal in mind. What do you want to take an exam for and, above all, at which language level?

Make sure you see whether you need the certificate for a specific course (e.g. C1 level) or as recognized evidence of naturalisation (B1 level) or for your future employer (e.g. B2 level). All of the institutions mentioned most likely require different levels.

Kapitel Zwei Berlin offers telc German exams at B1, B2 and C1 Hochschule level on one hand, and TestDaF exams on the other, for which you should be able to master at least B2.3 to C1.1 level.

2. Standardisation

Both exam formats are standardised exams. Standardisation is always a quality feature; this means that arbitrariness and unprofessionalism are excluded. Standardisation also means that it makes no difference whether you take the exams at Kapitel Zwei in Berlin or in Barcelona or Tokyo. The same rules and formats apply everywhere.

Test Centres

The theory should not be missing in our essay. You can certainly impress your friends with such knowledge as: There are currently 450 TestDaF centers in 96 countries and 3000 telc examination centres worldwide, including Kapitel Zwei Berlin. Welcome! Welcome! The places are in great demand and, depending on the month, also rare.

3. Which exam is more difficult?

We are happy to give you the most important answer first: Every test is always a challenge, regardless of whether it is a child’s bike ride or an adult’s language test. Learning and enthusiasm for education do pay off. You can pass both exams – with commitment, willingness to learn and a positive attitude.

telc or testdaf more difficult

3.1. TestDaF in Berlin

Both tests are difficult in their own way, but solvable, lucky you! The most important feature is that the TestDaF exam is perceived as easier by some candidates. Careful! But unlike the telc exam, you have to pass all (!) Parts of the exam, i.e. the complete TestDaF exam, in order to get the C1 level confirmed, for example. We explain which parts of the exam there are on our information page on exam preparation.

The TestDaF exam tests language knowledge and skills at different levels and can therefore also provide different results on the certificate:

  • TestDaF-level 3 (TDN 3) = B2.1 – B2.2
  • TestDaF-level 4 (TDN 4) = B2.3 – C1.1 (most desirable)
  • TestDaF-level 5 (TDN 5) = C1.2 – C1.3

What Can The Certificate Say?

The result of the TestDaF exam is at best stated as 4x TestDaF level 4 (TDN 4) “passed”, i.e. reading, listening comprehension, written and oral expression. If you only achieve TDN 3 in one part, but need 4x TDN 4 for the university, you have to repeat the entire test. TDN 3 would not be sufficient in this case, even if you have reached TDN 4 in the other three parts. A good tip: Some universities equalize TDN 3 with TDN 5 if you have different results in the four parts.

telc more difficult

3.2 Telc Deutsch in Berlin

The situation is different with the telc exams. In contrast to the TestDaF exam, in the telc exam you only have to answer questions on the language level you have booked, e.g. B1, B2 or C1.

The exam is more difficult in reading, listening, writing and speaking for some examinees, but you will also get recognizsed parts that have been passed individually. This is important information! You would therefore only have to repeat the part in which you (possibly) failed, either in writing or orally. At Kapitel Zwei Berlin, you can book the entire telc German exam in Berlin as well as individual parts (oral or written).

If you only need the B1 or B2 level, book our telc German B1 or B2 exam. TestDaf does not offer any specifications for this, nor does it offer any tests for specific professions (medicine, nursing, integration). Only telc can do that.