Kapitel Zwei Berlin Kita Berlin

An international nursery close to the S-Bahn stop Sonnenallee, is looking for international readers to read simple, awesome (children’s) books to children! You can read in your mother tongue or in German. It is not about perfection. Give courage and joy to the kids. How? Read further information here.

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Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Let’s learn something new about Berlin. We will take a walk along the “BERLINER MAUER” which divided Berlin into two parts. Please register in the office. Here you can find more information.

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Kapitel zwei Berlin Dachkammer

Let’s get to know another bar in Berlin – right next to your language school. Celebrating after the German course is suppose to fix some of these grammar errors! You can find more information here.

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Kapitel Zwei Berlin Weihnachtsmarkt

What could be better than walking around the Christmas market in this cold weather, eating gingerbread, drinking mulled wine, riding a ferris wheel and practicing German? Come to the Christmas Market with Kapitel Zwei. Register in the office!

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Kapitel Zwei Berlin Tränenpalast

Come to the Palace of Tears with Kapitel Zwei Berlin. The museum is located in the former emigration hall of East Germany. It was formerly forbidden to cross the border with West Germany. Where does the name ” Palace of Tears ” come from, what story does it tell us? Learn more! Log in!

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Kapitel Zwei Späti

Späti-Tour durch Berlin

September 2016

After your German course we tour through Berlin from Spätkauf to Spätkauf. The Späti is an institution in every Berlin district (”Kiez”).. Sign up for it in the office!

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