Rhabarber Berlin – After work with Kapitel Zwei

Make friends in Berlin

RhaBARber Berlin

On Thursday, September 14th, we’ll spend our free time after the German course at the RhaBARber in Danziger Straße 58 (Metro station Eberswalder Straße U2, only 15 mins away from your language school for German) from 8pm onwards.

The bar is decorated with candles and old pieces of furniture, very comfy, in an urban style. Smoking is allowed. We can even sit outside if the weather permits! The menu is straightforward and the awesome bartender mixes cocktails on request. But don’t be too daring, otherwise we might need to carry you home in the end.

We are looking forward to a wonderful evening with you. You can come on your own or with friends to get to know other Kapitel Zwei’s students. It is always very very funny and exciting.

Reserve the date (14th September) now! See you there! Cheers.

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