Here, you can find answers to important questions that you might have in connection with our school and your German classes.

Our German courses run for 4 weeks. If you don’t have 4 weeks to take part, we put you on the waiting list and will decide in the second week of the course if you can join the German course. If we have places left in the second course week, you are very welcome to participate with a reduced course fee.

No, unfortunately not. In order to follow the class as best as possible, you should finish one level within one month.

If you decide for one time frame for the course, you will normally stay in that class. If there are free places left at another time, you’ll might be able to switch the class.

Like in a restaurant we reserve a place for you until a certain date. Until that date you can pay for your course whenever you want. This also applies to your follow-up course.

Please pay attention yourself to the payment deadline for the follow-up course, which you can find on YouTube (welcome video), in our newsletter, on posters in the school and on the teacher’s reservation list. Reserve and pay for your place on time so that you are definitely booked in and can continue learning.

If no payment has been received to date, the reservation will be forfeited. This means that another person can book your place in the limited courses. Your place is no longer guaranteed.

To be on the safe side, we recommend timely payment by the specified date.

You will need to pay your course fee by the reservation date given to you, in order for us to ensure your attendance and plan courses accordingly. Unfortunately there are no exceptions.

In this case please read our terms and conditions (§5).

Our General Terms and Conditions (§5b) and our reference to an official medical certificate, for the day of the exam, can best help you with this.

Nevertheless, we would like to assure you that we have an extensive, detailed hygiene plan, which so far has protected against infections within the Kapitel Zwei premises.

Our teachers are qualified, trained teachers, nice & welcoming, German native speakers or at native speaking level.
Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that you will keep your current teacher for the follow up course. (e.g. due to holidays, sickness or other projects).

Therefore we usually only know which teacher will teach your course around one week, sometimes only even 3 days before the course starts. However, we take great care that the follow-up teacher fits in with your previous course and teacher and that you can continue to gain very good experience!

We work with different books. We will send the book titles for the online course shortly before the course starts


If you have booked an online course in a virtual classroom, you will receive the name and ISBN number of the print edition or the link to the online books & licenses probably 3-4 days before the course starts. You will receive the zoom link to the virtual classroom 24 hours before the course starts.

The online version of the book, the email often includes two links. One link for the course book, one link for the exercise book.

On-site course

If you have booked an on-site course at the school, we will let you know the name of the book on the day the course starts. You can buy the book(s)  directly at the entrance on the first day of the course. Paying in cash or, better, with a debit card, is preferred; however we do accept certain credit cards. Costs are between 20€, 25€ and 30 €.

We no longer offer the lending of our work and course books.

Yes, that’s possible. You can find all payment options on our homepage.

You will receive the zoom link to the virtual classroom 24 hours before the course starts. We always mention it in your reservation and booking confirmation, precautionary.

Yes, we can give you a registration confirmation for over 3 months or more. Therefor it is important that you register officially at our German language school and pay the complete fee of the first month in advance. For the following months, we will reserve a place in the appropriate courses for you.

We offer registration confirmations (fees ->for our German language courses. We don’t offer the so-called “conditional admission letters from German universities”. We recommend that you contact other language schools regarding this.


The job centre primarily pays the costs for our Telc exams. Please clarify this with the job centre before booking.

Language courses

Since the school was founded (2012), the job centre has not approved or paid any costs for our language courses in 98% of the cases.

The job centre mostly supports integration courses up to and including B1 level. Kapitel Zwei offers neither integration courses nor BAMF courses. Therefore, the job centre usually does not cover any costs. Education(al) vouchers (#Bildungsgutscheine) are not valid at our language school.

There are sometimes opportunities for job centre funding from the B2 level onwards. You have to clarify this yourself with the job centre in advance. As soon as we have a written confirmation, we can reserve a place for you.

In general, you can book the follow-up course without any exam, but Kapitel Zwei offers the official telc Deutsch A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 Hochschule exam or TestDaF exam.

Our website provides you with a detailed response.

Our students are very happy with the following health insurance. You can fill in the registration form online, Care Concept will get in touch with you.

Our students had good experiences with CORACLE so far.

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General information about the blocked account:

With a German blocked account you can prove that you can take care of yourself during your stay in Germany. The account will be blocked until you arrive in Germany.

A restriction also applies after approval: You can only dispose of a limited maximum amount per month, unless you have deposited more than the minimum total amount into your blocked account; in that case you can agree on higher monthly maximum withdrawals.

The minimum amount and the monthly expenses are determined by the BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act). The minimum amount is currently 861 euros per month. The minimum total amount is 10,332 euros (as of January 2021)

The respective providers of blocked accounts will be happy to answer any further questions.

We regularly promote discounted campaigns. These are only valid for the specified period, tariff and addressee. A transfer to another person is not possible, neither is a combination of two or more promotions. (see T&Cs)

The online courses are suitable for learners who also have enough time for homework. Instead of 3 hours in the in class course, we offer the online courses for 2 hours per day.

The pricing is that both cost 320€ (as of April 2024). The rationale for this is that….

  • a) we limit the places in the online courses more than in the in class courses; the groups are therefore smaller.
  • b) This results in a higher proportion of speaking, being corrected and learning for you.
  • c) Kapitel Zwei therefore compensates for the additional costs for online lessons, such as business software licenses, online materials, lower occupancy of all German courses – resulting in higher costs, registration fees for online forums, and in some cases higher fees for teachers from other major cities in Germany.

The advantages of online learning are that you can learn from anywhere, at home, at work, at the beach. All you need is wifi.

You are not exposed to Corona virus infection by having to spend your time in a real classroom.

Further advantages of online teaching can be found in detail here.

The number of participants within the online German course is limited from six to nine persons. Up to 12 persons can attend our on-site course. Your online learning group will therefore get through the lesson programme at a faster pace.

The optimum meeting time and screen time for participants and teachers is two hours. As three hours in front of the computer (or other media) is too exhausting, we do not want to jeopardise your health with our measures.

The two hours are especially suitable for students who do not need or do not have to apply for a visa. All those, should attend our German courses on site, which last three hours per session.

The two hours per day (i.e. 32 hours per month) are perfect for learners who are used to concentrated and independent learning and who can invest at least one hour per session in preparation and follow-up.

The exam fees are in the middle range compared to other exam centers.

In addition, we do not work with hidden costs. Late registration is therefore free of charge. At some other exam centres, these so called” hidden costs” can only be found within the small print.

Kapitel Zwei continues to work to cover costs, because of

  • the higher rental prices due to a central location in Berlin-Mitte
  • the increased costs for increased security measures before / during / after the test and
  • In addition to the hygiene standards that have been increased since March 2020.

In addition, you will take your exam at our house in very small groups instead of in large lecture halls of up to 100 people. By working in small groups (6 to a maximum of 8 people), we employ more supervisory staff who work on a fee basis.

Our concept hence, received the “best practice” award for the organization and implementation of the test.

We thank you for trusting us.

Immediately after registering for a telc German exam at Kapitel Zwei, you will automatically receive a level test. This test is voluntary and is only used for orientation, security or additional practice for you before the exam.

You can take the exam in any case (with timely registration and payment), even if you have not completed the level test beforehand. This is only a recommendation.

No, Kapitel Zwei does not offer any integration courses. Here, you can find providers of integration courses.

A C1 mixed course does not explicitly make a difference between C1.1 and C1.2. The level of the participants is all the same at C1 level and is a basic requirement for admission to the course.

Upon request, you will receive a certificate of attendance for C1.1 or C1.2.

In case of negative feedback or complaints, our official complaint handling process begins. We explain this process in detail here (#goals, tasks, submission, complaint handling and closing the complaint case).

Our online German courses are based on the concept of interactive learning. They are not lectures. The prerequisite is that each participant has his/her own computer (computer, laptop, tablet) and a webcam switched on.

You and our teachers receive direct feedback during the lessons without words through visible facial expressions. This benefits both the entire class and the teacher.

Participation with a mobile phone alone or with a device without a webcam switched on, does not guarantee an effective learning experience.

1) From a technical point of view, recordings are possible.

2) For reasons of data protection, unfortunately no.

You can find more information about Zoom in our privacy policy.

On request and if there are vacancies, Kapitel Zwei also offers a trial session in the desired course. This one session is initially free.

We can usually only confirm trial lessons AFTER the course has started, as we have to check the vacancies of the limited places first.

After a trial lesson, you cannot automatically continue to take part in the course. Please contact Kapitel Zwei directly at the reception or write us an email to let us know your decision and / or to book the course.

In other words, so that you can finally take part in the course, you have to pay your course fee in advance (including the trial session). You can only participate in the course again after receipt of payment or proof of transfer.

The space is not automatically reserved for you and can therefore be given to another person.

For one-to-one tuition, the price of the desired lesson unit applies.

As a language student at a language school, you unfortunately do not qualify for a discounted monthly ticket. (Source: Proof of entitlement to issue the customer card for trainees / schoolchildren).

Even though Kapitel Zwei is a vocational school, in the last point of the form you have to confirm that it is not a course at a language school. Therefore, this is not the case.

For this reason, the bvg or S-Bahn rejects language students for the discount, even if you would book a course for more than 20 units per week for 6 months, for example.

If you have any further questions, please contact the customer service centre of the bvg or S-Bahn, e.g. at Alexanderplatz in Berlin.

For data protection reasons, the Kapitel Zwei office team is not allowed to forward any email addresses of teachers to you.

We will be happy to forward your request to your teacher. They then make their own decision about further steps. At best, s/he will contact you directly or find her way back through us.

If you cannot take part in a class/particular date, you are not entitled to a catch-up date (see terms and conditions).

Your face-to-face course can take place online in the followings events . This only happens in exceptional cases. This means we guarantee that your lessons actually take place (see terms and conditions).

a) Substitutions or a catch-up dates

b) Illness during the course (e.g. Corona and other viruses)

c) Additional dates on Fridays.