About us

We are Berlin, open-minded and communicative. We are the second chapter (“Kapitel Zwei”) of your life. We are a team and you can count on us. We will accompany you throughout your journey.

The following two attributes make us stand out: We have the necessary experience and expertise.  We know the top locations of interest to you. However, we are also keen to explore new facets of Berlin together with you. We embrace change but also like consistency.

We are able to offer you the right location, the right German course, the right price, the right atmosphere to learn German in Berlin. You will be improving your German language skills step by step. Rest assured that you will have a great and productive time in the German capital.

Kapitel Zwei Berlin Gründerinnen

The founders of Kapitel Zwei Berlin

We are Daniela Neicke and Susanne Schübel. In January 2012 we set up the German language school “Kapitel Zwei” (in English “Chapter Two”) to enable you a perfect start in Berlin.

Kapitel Zwei Berlin Team

You want to know more about us? Your wish is our command.

Daniela Neicke –

Owner and Managing Director

  • Strategic and operational marketing, PR
  • Controlling
  • Company courses
Kapitel Zwei Berlin Daniela Neicke Inhaberin & Geschäftsführerin

At Kapitel Zwei she is responsible for all operational and strategic marketing, as well as for the entire PR projects. Furthermore, she diligently looks after our company courses. Daniela is a highly skilled all-rounder: The left side of her brain holds the key to her skills acquired as part of her apprenticeship in wholesale and foreign trade and deepened by her business studies at University of Potsdam where she did her M.A. in marketing. Her favourite pastime Pilates leaves her inspired and flying high. At work she manages the school, but at home her little family.

The right side of her brain enjoys cooking up a melting pot of German, Spanish, French and English, while drawing upon her romance studies. Daniela has gained vast experience in management and the language industry. She has worked all across Europe with previous workplaces ranging from Grimaud/St Tropez and Bordeaux in France and Valencia in Spain to Düsseldorf, Potsdam and Berlin. At the moment she is at home in Berlin-Neukölln.

Susanne Schübel –

Owner and Managing Director

  • Course management
  • Organisation of telc exams
  • Personnel administration

At Kapitel Zwei she schedules all German courses and deployment of teachers. Furthermore, she is responsible for a smooth operation of the telc exams, including preparation and follow-up work for the exams. She enriches the company with her advanced ideas for further development. Energetic and dynamic business and economics graduate Susanne is a multitasking career woman: She graduated from Humboldt University Berlin a few years ago where she majored in organisation, human resources and marketing. Furthermore, she applied her knowledge of human nature, positive energy and her expertise in the hotel business while working for 8 years at the leading German fashion chain New Yorker. She also gained her professional experience in the language sector in Berlin and is now, with body and soul, Director of Kapitel Zwei.

In her spare time she devours English crime fictionwatches modern and classic movies and passes the ball to others during a game of table tennis. Currently, she calls Berlin-Friedrichshain her home.

Our team

Daniel Schmidt – management assistant and consultant for DaF 

  • Course and exam management
  • Planning & assignment of teachers
  • Language school organisation
Kapitel Zwei Berlin Daniel Schmidt

He is a busy and attentive allrounder with extensive experience in language teaching and language school organization. Throughout his master studies with a focus on German as a foreign language, Modern History and Political Science, he was dedicated to the spreading of the German language and does not stop teaching German. As a Berlin Newbie, who enjoys the international flair of Berlin since 2006, he always happily gathers experience in countless language courses.

Since February 2016, he brings his expertise about language communication and implementation of language courses into the organization of your favorite language school at Alexanderplatz. He always listens or gives advice, and loves the German language and grammar.

In his spare time, we can see him reading, thinking or giving advice in small bars in Berlin Friedrichshain, when he is not walking through the Berlin countryside or visiting other hiking places in the world. Besides language, he likes to listen to music (almost around the clock) or bakes cakes for the office team.

Environmental and animal welfare are very dear to him, as well as empathy with others.

Sina Gussmag

  • Customer care consultant
  • Coordinator for the accommodation program
  • Translator German-Italian
Kapitel Zwei Sina Gussmag

In 2010 she moved from a village of 20,000 residents in Lower Saxony to Berlin to study. Straight after four years, she was the proud owner of a bachelor title in ‘Italian studies‘ and from that even knows Economics and Law. She spent one year of her studies in Rome and hence understands how you feel and what it means to set foot in a foreign country and trying to find your way around.

Besides German and Italian, she also speaks English and French and is interested in the Arabic language. Since October 2014, she works for Kapitel Zwei and is a true gem when it comes to customer service. She looks forward to meeting students from all over the world and has much fun organising your desired course program, with or without accommodation.

In her free time, Sina is involved in animal welfare, especially with animals from Romania. Since May 2016 she is the proud adoptive mother of the school’s mascot Zeta. A small mixed breed dog. Apart from that, she is very fond of traveling and occasionally brings her inline-skates with her on her travels. You might see her in beautiful Schöneberg, but watch out, you might miss her as she speeds past you.

Fanny Eckert

  • Preparation and follow-up of the telc exam
  • Customer service
Kapitel Zwei Berlin Fanny Eckert

Fanny is a part of our Kapitel Zwei office team since November 2017. Besides the admirative preparation and follow-up of the telc exam, she also supports our office team by working within the customer service department.

Her passion is travelling. That is why the in Thuringia born Fanny went to Australia for a “Work & Travel” program right after she had finished school. There, while working with young people from all over the world, she discovered her interests in foreign cultures and languages. Afterwards, she graduated with a bachelor from “International Business Communication” as a foreign language assistant in England.

After a professional short stop, working as an assistant in a solicitor’s office, in Frankfurt am Main, she was drawn back into the wide world. For three years she was working on different cruise liners, looking after the guests and being a tour guide. “Europa, Asia, Africa, Australia and America…“ – following the song of the German band “Die Ärzte”, Fanny travelled across the seven seas.

But also, in her private life she is busy travelling: She has gone on a pilgrimage along the Way of St. James in Spain, she has been on a coach trip through South America, and she visited the Sakura in Japan. Each country and all people have welcomed her with open arms. That extremely positive experience is, what she wishes to pass on to you. She’ll support you in finding your way through Berlin, and she’ll do so with the right amount of sentiment. After all, she has been in the situation herself a lot of times, not being able to speak a foreign language very well.


Gerrit Ricke

  • Customer consultant
Kapitel Zwei Berlin Gerrit Ricke

Our darling Gerrit is a valued asset to our team, with his personality and his work approach, since June 2019. After successfully completing a bachelor’s degree in

a) General Linguistics
b) German Studies
c) with additional qualification in German as a foreign language and
d) working as a language learning advisor

it took him to the Cultural Capital Berlin. At last. It was about time too! Here he enjoys the freedom of the city, the many possibilities and great variety of art, culture and people.

No wonder his path led him to Kapitel Zwei Berlin, a language school with connections to many interesting people from all over the world.

In addition to his native language German, he also speaks fluent English, a little Spanish and has basic knowledge of French, Dutch and Latin.Yes.
So we now know what “”Exercitatio artem parat.”” means, “”Practice makes perfect!”” -> Our credo in the field of flower care since Gerrit’s entry into Kapitel Zwei.
His green thumb ensures the survival of many plants at our language school.
What he achieves within the world of flora, he also achieves with (attention Latin:) Homo sapiens: He is your competent contact person for all course and exam matters within Kapitel Zwei, always friendly, helpful and very happy to help you during our opening hours.

Pauline Arnault

  • Customer consultant
Kapitel Zwei Pauline Arnault

Pauline joined Kapitel Zwei in November 2019. She is from France and completed her studies in Strasbourg. She studied languages ​​(German, Polish, Russian) and European studies, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe.

Apart from French, she speaks German at a fantastic C1 level, English, Polish, Russian and a little Serbian. During her master’s degree she spent a wonderful year in Kraków (Poland). This positive experience lead to even more internships and many more trips.

Ultimately and luckily, she decided to come to Berlin and build her new home here. Initially she worked as a receptionist in a Berlin hostel, then went abroad again as a project manager in the translation sector – but she missed Berlin too much, so that she returned to the capital and finally landed at Kapitel Zwei. Merci merci!

Her passions are traveling, discovering new cultures and learning other languages. In her spare time she likes to meet friends, dance and do sports. We love her positive charisma and her smile, especially when she does the early shift.

Antonella Magrini Troll

  • Customer consultant
  • Promotion
  • Online-Marketing
Kapitel Zwei Berlin Antonella Magrini Troll

Our lovely, always smiling, Antonella is half Italian, half Colombian and lives in Berlin since 2003. The answers to questions about her heritage is therefore very diverse as she feels at home in a total of three cultures. After all, she is also a Berliner.

Antonella holds a bachelor’s degree in “Italian studies” and a master’s degree in linguistics, she studied at the Free University (FU) Berlin. At FU Berlin, she met our nice colleague Sina, who, luckily for you and us, brought her to the Kapitel Zwei Team.

Antonella’s greatest passion is languages. She speaks six languages ​​(Spanish, Italian, German, English, Portuguese and a little bit of French).
She would like to learn more languages ​​and is trying to learn Arabic. Very difficult!
She loves communicating with people and making them laugh and is therefore the perfect person for our leisure events and course trips. Antonella enjoys travelling and spending time with the locals of the respective destination.

As a true Berliner, she also has a true love-hate relationship with the city. In 2018, she was tired of the city and emigrated to Thailand for a year to work as an English teacher in a kindergarten. “Baby Shark” is still ringing in her ears today! Now Berlin has her back again and she enjoys her other hobbies, namely food (cooking) and dancing. She loves spending time with her friends, relaxing with them and chatting about all sorts of things during an evening meal. why don’t you go over and chat with her too?

Annalena Hilchenbach

  • Customer consultant
  • Creative thinker
Kapitel Zwei Berlin Annalena Hilchenbach

Annalena has been working at Kapitel Zwei since October 2017. She is the friendly face of customer services and enhances the team as our all-round talent for languages.

Annalena loves languages and art. It will therefore come as no surprise that she studied the Romanic languages as well as media and art history at the University of Osnabruck. She lived in Italy, France and Spain for over ten years, where she worked as a language teacher, translator, cultural manager and – another of her great passions – as chef. She recently returned to Germany and is discovering her country from a new perspective. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Italian and is currently having a go at the Hebrew language.

She likes to spend her free time – German weather permitting – outdoors. Either with a good book, with friends, at one of the numerous Berlin flea markets or with her own small family in Neukölln. She is always open for lively discussions, likes to laugh and appreciates an after-work beer when her day’s work is done.

Tim Kormeyer

  • Customer consultant
  • Student assistant
Kapitel Zwei TIm Kormeyer

Tim likes Kapitel Zwei so much that he moved to Berlin in October 2015. He originally comes from Lower Saxony and is now ready to discover the big city life in Berlin with you. Redhead Tim studied politics and economics and is a foreign language assistant in customer service, a real career changer. While studying, Tim spent six months in Nottingham (UK) and has improved his English magnificently.

Every day, he inspires the office team, our teachers and you, with his kindness and humor. He loves to communicate with other people. You will notice this straight away in your consultaion with him. As “Marketim” he maintains ourwebsite and social media forums responsibly, takes the best class photos and motivates you to join the most beautiful leisure activities with Kapitel Zwei.

In his spare time, Tim is interested in music, art and football, but also in urban development and its neighbourhood. After work, you can find him in his favorite Späti in Prenzlauer Berg.

Maria Heckmann

  • Customer consultant
  • Translator German-Russian

Maria energetically supports Kapitel Zwei since March 2016. As a native Russian, she knows what it’s like to learn a language in a foreign country. Therefore she empathises with and cares deeply for you. She always welcomes you with a smile and wants you to succeed and to feel comfortable at Kapitel Zwei. Maria answers your questions not only inGerman and English but also in Russian.

Through her love for her homeland, she completed the versatile Bachelor “Interdisciplinary Russian Studies”. Therefore she knows not only the language and cultural field, but also Politics, Administration and Business. She spent a year of her studies in Moscow and gathered valuable work experience in the language sector.

Currently, Maria lives in little Erkner, in the outskirts of Berlin. In her free time she loves to work with brushes and colour and loves to play the piano and the guitar.

Sabrina Balluneit

  • Online customer service
  • Qualitative course management

Sabrina has been working at Kapitel Zwei since April 2017 – part-time and for the most part at the weekends. She answers all your questions online and does qualitatively valuable work in the course management sector.

Sabrina is a fully-fledged resident of Berlin and loves this city. She moved from the idyllic town of Werder following her dual Bachelor degree specialising in Trade and commerce to the HWR Berlin, then to Potsdam and finally Berlin. She has trained as an actuary (Chamber of industry and commerce) as well as having completed a degree in business studies.

She has to date always worked with people. This includes her job as a waitress, which spanned ten years. We appreciate her patience, her professional friendly attitude and her eye for detail. Kapitel Zwei simply had to welcome her into our team.

She is passionate about Asia. She loves to travel with her rucksack and is fascinated by real life in other countries. In this area again she also benefits from her desire to glance behind the scenes. The Philippines, Thailand and Sri Lanka are still on her list. In her free time she does power sport, not many can keep pace with her.

Fynn Kerkow

  • IT specialist

He’s a fun-loving, extremely ambitious, dedicated IT specialist and has helped Kapitel Zwei from the outset. Our complete customer database and the application-specific front, we owe to his extraordinary talent for programming and his patience. He continuously improves and developes our application tools. Thus, you can register more easily and we can operate more student-centered. In addition, he supports the maintenance and care of our current web presence and gives advice on future projects.

As an Economist Graduate within the field  of Information and Communication Technologies, he makes his IT affinity his profession. Some years ago he successfully completed his Economics degree majoring inBusiness Computer Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His field of expertise is the application-oriented Database Programming.

Fynn inspires the  Kapitel Zwei team with his natural person and his visits to our  „Stammtischen“. He lives and loves big city life, especially Berlin. He also enjoys a sporting challenge, such as surfing, snowboarding, kite surfing and wakeboarding. He gives it his all and  this creates a perfect balance to his professional life.