German Pronunciation Training in Berlin or online

Beginner to Advanced (A2 – C1)

Every month the new online and offline pronunciation training courses in Berlin start again at Kapitel Zwei Berlin.

Whether virtual or real life lessons – our German courses remain high quality, professional, well-founded and reliable.

You want to improve your German pronunciation? You want to work on those sounds that may not exist in your language?

In this course we train your German pronunciation (phonetics) of German words and phrases. We practice intensively the sounds of the German language, which may not exist in your native language and are difficult to learn. Together we learn where the emphasis within a sentence lies and how to achieve the correct speech rhythm.

– Face-to-face teaching in a real classroom (#offline): € 82!

– Classes in our virtual classroom (#online): € 102!

Pronunciation Training - Overview of offline courses

Grammar course

Offline courses
Real classroom

Starting every month
(4 weeks)

Online courses
Virtual classroom

Starting every month
(4 weeks)

Start of the course

Every month the new German courses start again at Kapitel Zwei (dates of courses here).


82 €
Classic Course Tariff

102 €
Classic Course Tariff

Available class times,
Day of the week

12 pm - 03 pm | Friday

12 pm - 02 pm | Friday

Units per week

4 units / week

once a week

≈ 3 units / week

once a week

Number of

5-12 participants

max. 8 participants


A2 - C1

*Changes possible, in case of a further Corona wave.

Do you want to improve your pronunciation ?

Structure of the course pronunciation training in Berlin

pronunciation training in Berlin German course

Week 1

  • theoretical and practical introduction into all important characteristics of the pronunciation of the German language
  • Learning individual pronunciation variants of all letters (learning the phonemes of German language)
  • Analysis of the problems within this course of each participant
  • 10-15 minutes exercises to build and train the muscles in the mouth and jaw
  • first training of tones that are difficult for everyone
  • first exercises to emphasize words (e.g. separable vs. non-separable verbs, composites)
  • first exercises on sentence melody, sentence emphasis in statements, questions
pronunciation training in Berlin German course

Each week (2-4)

10-15 minutes of exercises to build and train the muscles in your mouth and jaw that you need for German pronunciation.

Part 1

  • Targeted learning and practicing of the problem tones of the different speaker groups (e.g. b/p-w/f for native Spanish speakers, r for native Asian speakers)

Part 2

  • Exercises to emphasize words (e.g. separable/non-separable verbs, composites)
  • Exercises for the sentence melody, sentence accentuation


Please bring a beverage (water) with you to have a drink between the exercises.

Do you want to improve your pronunciation ?

Teaching materials for pronunciation training 

The costs for the copies are not included in the course price. In class you work with exercises from special phonetic books and small simple texts. Your teacher will adjust the necessary exercises to the course each time. You work with copies that you will get from your teacher.

Teacher for the phonetics course 

Your teacher is a native German speaker and has a lot of experience in the field of phonetics, both from studies, as well as from actually practicing in German courses. Together we analyze the difficulties of the German pronunciation and practise speaking and listening with effective exercises.

You will notice how your pronunciation improves and that you will become more secure. Soon you will speak German with joy and confidence.

The group is very small, in order for you to learn more effectively and to speak more often.

If you have further questions regarding the pronunciation training, please send an email to: berlin[at]

Do you want to improve your pronunciation ?