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What kind of topics and vocabulary fill our German courses in Berlin? What grammar you will learn, repeat and expand?

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Learn German Berlin – German course content (A1-C2)

German Course – A 1 (1)

What is important for your first steps in Berlin?

German Vocabulary

You want to be able to engage in day-to-day conversations in Berlin? You want to meet friends, talk about yourself, make orders in bars and restaurants, give out your phone number, furnish your home, shop easily in the supermarket, understand newspaper articles, get your first job in Berlin and communicate in your leisure time?

German Grammar

Who? How? Where? What? When? Why? You will learn the basic questions of everyday life and practice how to answer in the present tense, using adjectives, modal verbs as well as cases like the dative and the accusative. You will practice the singular and the plural, and of course make use of the German articles der, die, das. Finally, you will learn the imperative: Visit our A1 (1) German course.

German Course – A 1 (2)

You know the basic fundamentals and are ready to learn more?

German Vocabulary

You will learn how to talk about your family, their lives and living together with them as well as to question your upbringing. You deal with household matters, food and beverages, the body and its well-being. Furthermore, you will be able to talk about your vacation and hear other stories from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition you can put your own country on the map.

German Grammar

You will understand the role of separable verbs. You will use modal verbs and “haben/sein/werden” in the past tense. Moreover, you will practice the past perfect tense, the comparative and the superlative. You will also learn possessive articles, prepositions and adjectives.

German Course – A 2 (1)

You already understand common expressions and know the basic grammar?

German Vocabulary

You will extend your vocabulary to topics like flat hunting and different lifestyles. Describe your memories, understand the history, biographies and careers of other people. Go on classroom journeys and learn about tourism. Thereby, the weather will be a special topic. Furthermore, you will learn about dating and love, replying to invitations and participating in day-to-day conversations. A good exercise for vocabulary and speaking.

German Grammar

Another important grammatical step is the subjunctive II and its use with modal verbs. You will learn how to create the past tense and the past perfect tense as well as the function of direct and indirect interrogative sentences and reflexive verbs.

German Course – A 2 (2)

You already understand and make use of common expressions in routine situations as well as more complex grammatical constructions?

German Vocabulary

In this course you will learn how to express your wishes, talk about your stay abroad, discuss conflicts and complaints, offer solutions and analyze topics related to media such as television, newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, the international labour market, including job search, will be an important component of this course. In addition, we will talk more about environmental protection.

German Grammar

In this course the most important grammatical topics are dependent clauses, interrogative pronouns and adverbs. Beyond that, the genitive and the n-declension will be taught. Finally, you will learn how to create the passive state and the passive in the past tense, perfect and pluperfect.

German Course – B1(1)

You can already talk coherently about familiar topics and yourself?

German Vocabulary

This course is already part of the intermediate level. Here you will expand your German vocabulary and learn more about topics such as work, education, leisure and family. These will be related to food and beverages, clubbing, festivals and public holidays. New aspects of the German language will challenge you and at the same time improve your skills.

German Grammar

Grammar will reach a new level. It will focus on the subjunctive II and the perfect applied to more difficult examples. You will practice finale clauses, modal and reflexive verbs. In addition, your teacher will give you more tips and exercises regarding German prepositions. This level requires a lot of attention, but will also motivate you with interesting examples.

German Course – B1(2)

You can speak fluently about familiar topics and yourself?

German Vocabulary

At this level your vocabulary will be increasing quickly. You will be able to express your opinion about movies and music in detail, both orally and written. Audio exercises will improve your comprehension of German. Moreover, you will discuss various aspects of tourism, culture, sports and fashion.

German Grammar

This course will help you to study relative clauses and the imperative, to use adverbs correctly and to create negation on a high level. The same applies to the comparative and superlative. Finally, you will learn the participle I and II. This course requires a lot of willingness to learn, but at the same time motivates you to implement your goals.

German Course – B2 (1)

You want to study at the university und already have a large vocabulary? You can communicate fluently in normal conversation with native speakers?

German Vocabulary

This language level will increase your vocabulary enormously. On a high level you deal with people related to their environment, interests and activities, preferences and consumer behaviour. We will consider various aspects of the German language and will linguistically steep into the world with all its facets.

German Grammar

This course will help to develop your grammatical knowledge. You will especially practice syntax and the different tenses as well as the use of certain verbs, adjectives and nouns. The B2 level is often one of the requirements for your studies in Germany.

German Course – B2 (2)

You already understand complex texts and are able to talk about specific or abstract issues? You can communicate almost fluently with native speakers?

German Vocabulary

In order to strengthen your oral, written and comprehensive skills, we will concentrate on issues regarding the job market, mobility, health and life. We will analyze various aspects of the future and the role and impact of the media.

German Grammar

By using appropriate B2 level exercises you will learn, broaden and deepen the subjunctive, indirect speech, the passive, and prepositions. Day by day your German will become more advanced.

German Course – C 1 (1)

Your German is well-structured and advanced enough to talk about complex issues of social and professional life and you understand more difficult texts?

German Vocabulary

On an advanced level you will learn how to effectively structure conversations about social, political, cultural subjects, the latest news and guides both orally and in written form. We will also discuss literary themes and learn more about the function of short news.

German Grammar

In this course you will study the different forms of speech reproduction and nominalizations. You will practice modal and adjective endings on a high level. You will get an idea about the requirements of the TestDaF – examination.

German Course – C 1 (2)

You already understand long and complex texts? You speak fluently, without hesitation? You are able to state your opinion on social and professional issues clearly?

German Vocabulary

You will learn how to express yourself in detail – both orally and in written form – within the fields of psychology, other sciences and research, theatre and art. In addition, you will learn a variety of synonyms for vocabulary you already know.

German Grammar

Grammar will focus especially on the genitive and the definition of nouns in attribution as well as the use and application of the little word “it/es”. Step by step you will overcome the last major barriers of foreign language acquisition and finally bring your German to perfection.

German language course – C 2

You can express yourself spontaneously and fluently and easily understand complex issues and their importance?

German Course program

This level offers you the opportunity to give you the final touch of your German skills. You will bring your expression, your grammar, vocabulary and phonetics to perfection and finally reach the linguistic level of a native speaker.