The Digital TestDaF

TestDaF Testing Centre: Kapitel Zwei Berlin

Do you need the TestDaF Certificate to prove an advanced language level at a German university? Then register with the TestDaF Institute and select Kapitel Zwei Berlin.

The Digital TestDaF – The Proven Language Exam – in Digital Format

What is the TestDaF?

TestDaF stands for the Test – Deutsch als Fremdsprache (German as a foreign language). The TestDaF is a standardized exam that is conducted externally by the TestDaF Institute. This takes place at hundreds of TestDaF centers around the world on the same day – including at Kapitel Zwei Berlin. The standard and quality of the exam are reviewed periodically.

The TestDaF exam may be taken as the Paper-Based TestDaF or as the Digital TestDaF.

Kapitel Zwei offers both the paper-based and digital exams!

Structure of the Exam

How many tasks are there? Which type of tasks are there? How long is each sub-section of the exam? Find FAQs here: