Intensive preparation course for the paper-based or digital TestDaF examination

Available either as an offline course on site or an online course with Zoom

At the TestDaF Examination Centre: Kapitel Zwei Berlin

Face-to-face teaching in a real classroom (#offline) –  € 319!

Classes in our virtual classroom (#online) – from € 319!

Our preparation courses (online or offline in presence) start in the month before the respective TestDaF exam here at Kapitel Zwei Berlin.

Whether virtual or real life lessons – our German courses remain high quality, professional, well-founded and reliable.

You require the TestDaF certificate in order to get access to a German university? Then sign up for our intensive preparation course TestDaF – Online with Zoom or in-house in Berlin.

This German course will provide the optimal preparation for the TestDaF levels 3, 4 and 5. You will be prepared for all 4 parts of the actual exam (reading, listening, writing and speaking) under regular exam conditions. The course content is based on previous tests and will assist you in developing the best strategy.

TestDaF - preparation course - Overview of offline & online courses

Offline courses
real classroom

4 weeks (Mon - Thu)

Online courses
virtual classroom

4 weeks (Mon - Thu)

Start of the course

Always in the month before the "digital" or "paper-based" TestDaF

Examination day and formatCourse dates of the preparation course
16 May 2024 (paper-based)02/04 (Tue) – 25/04/2024
6 June 2024 (digital)06/05 – 30/05/2024
17 July 2024 (paper-based)03/06 – 27/06/2024
6 August 2024 (digital)01/07 – 25/07/2024
17 September 2024 (digital)29/07 – 22/08/2024
15 October 2024 (paper-based)02/09 – 26/09/2024
12 November 2024 (digital)30/09 – 24/09/2024

319 €
Classic Course Tariff

Course location

Kapitel Zwei Berlin

Thanks to our central location, you can usually
reach Kapitel Zwei in less than 30mins by subway
or tram.

Location of your German course

No matter if you want to take a German course
in Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart,
Leipzig, Munich or Dusseldorf, in the
virtual world you will find Kapitel Zwei

You will receive the zoom link to the virtual
classroom 24 hours before the course starts.

Number of participants

5-12 participants

Available class times

03 pm - 06 pm (preferably)
06 pm - 9 pm

Number of participants

max. 8 participants

Available class times
09 am - 12 pm
03 pm - 06 pm
06 pm - 09 pm

Units per week

16 (4 × 45 minutes a day),
20 teaching units possible by
course combination at extra charge


at least B2.2