Barbecue, table tennis & pizza in Berlin

Get together with Kapitel Zwei – German language School in Berlin

Stammtisch mit Kapitel Zwei

On Thursday, 17th August, we’ll meet from 7 p.m. at the summer garden “Rummels Bucht“, close to the OSTKREUZ, quite easy to get there by the S-Bahn.

It awaits you delicious cold drinks and the so called “OpenGrill“. What is that? The owners of the summer garden provide grill sets, charcoal, barbecue lighter fluids, plates, cutlery, napkins, and sauces for free and YOU just need to bring your food along! Just don’t forget to clean and dry your dishes afterwards. Drinks can be bought there!

Involved is also a beautiful lake view, new friends in Berlin, interesting conversations in German, an awesome location, and one or the other alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. Note that it is not allowed to bring your own drinks.

Additionally, we can eat pizza or play table tennis! Doesn’t that sound like a great evening? Come along, on your own or with friends!

We are looking forward seeing you there!

Here is the address and a mini map:

Hauptstraße 1, 10317 Berlin | am Paul und Paula-Ufer in the Rummelsberger Bucht

Stammtisch Rummels Bucht

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