Kürbiskern Berlin Friedrichshain

Hot evening, cool people – party in the pub in Friedrichshain-Berlin

Stammtisch with your German language school in Berlin!

We will welcome Spring on April 19th at 8 pm in a bar called “Kürbiskern” (“pumpkin seed”). As a literate language school, we can tell you that pumpkins belong to a medium-sized family consisting of 800 species. This speaks directly to Kapitel Zwei, with its students of various nationalities. Now that the majority of pumpkins in the (sub-) tropical climates is represented, you can imagine that it will get hot that evening.

The pub is ideal for chilling out, getting to know new people and enjoying delicious drinks. We may also see some magic tricks, if the boss of the bar is around. The bar is popular with Berliners. The drinks arrive fast, the prices are fair and the staff are super nice.

The bar is located between the Warschauer Straße subway and the Frankfurter Tor subway. Address: Kopernikusstrasse 23, 10245 Berlin.

Come along, alone or with friends. Admission is free, you only pay for your drinks.

We look forward to meeting you.

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