Street art project “The Haus” – Art in an empty building

In the last week of April, the 4th event of Kapitel Zwei will take place. We will visit the art project “The Haus” on Wednesday, April 26th.

As the mix of German-English in title already shows, everything here is extraordinary.

This temporary gallery is located within a building, which will be completely demolished along with the exhibition in June 2017. Is not for eternity as you see. Until then, 100 artists have designed 108 (!) rooms with different concepts of art. How crazy is that! Kapitel Zwei should mirror this for it’s own language school! 🙂


REGISTRATION: You want to join us? Sign up in the office by Tuesday, April 25th.

MEETING POINT: On Wednesday (April 26th), we will meet at 15.15 in the foyer / entrance of your language school. You can also wait in front of the building from 4:00 pm onwards (Nürnbergerstraße 68, 10787 Berlin, next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel).

ADMISSION: Donation-based!

COSTS: We will take the S-Bahn to Friedrichstraße and then take the underground (U6) to Hallesches Tor. You will need a single ticket for public transport! No entry fee, no admission fee!

BVG-Ticket: We will drive 25 mins by bus (no.100) to Bayreuther Straße. You will need a single ticket for public transport!

PHOTO BAN: The artists pay special attention and respect to their works of art and wish us to take our time to explore. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to take photos!

Do you want to learn German successfully?