Come along to the museum of natural history – Tristan shows his teeth to Berlin

Excursion with your language school for German in Berlin

Naturkundemuseum Berlin Sprachschule Deutsch

Are you brushing your teeth neatly? Certainly, Tristan has done it a million years ago, too, that is why he is still smiling so brightly in the museum of natural history! Hopefully the rumour about his tooth-ache is wrong. See for yourself:

On Thursday, 28th March, we’ll go to the museum of natural history at 3.15 p.m. It is not far from Kapitel Zwei. We’ll visit the fantastic exhibition “Tristan – Berlin zeigt Zähne” (Tristan – Berlin shows its teeth). It is significant, what the employees of the museum have created in a 10 months’ time. They have brought back a true dinosaur to life, eh of course not, they’ve only put up the skeleton!!

Tristan Otto, that is the dinosaur’s name, is Europe’s only existing original T-Rex skeleton so far. The dinosaur is 12 metres long, 4 metres tall, and coloured in black. He was found in the USA in 2010. So look forward to meeting the little fellow.

Furthermore, there are fascinating exhibits or animals, flora and fauna from the last million years. Experience the world of the dinosaurs together with your language school for German, Kapitel Zwei.

Don’t forget to register now – at the latest one day before. From a group of 10 people the entrance fee will only be 5 €.

Get to know new people at the tour or bring along your friends. The tour takes place in the company of Kapitel Zwei, but is based on individual responsibility and on separate liability – for example, if you want to nick a bone… haha.

We hope to see you there! Kind regards, your office team!

Naturkundemuseum Deutschkurs Berlin


REGISTRATION: You want to come? Sign up in the office by Wednesday, March 27th.

MEETING POINT: On Thursday, we will meet at 3.15pm in the foyer/entrance of your language school.

COSTS: From a group of 10 people the entrance fee will only be 5 €.

Naturkundemuseum Berlin Sprachschule Deutsch

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