Exam regulation telc Deutsch in Berlin

Exam regulations in ENGLISH

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  1. Please arrive in time to the telc Deutsch exam! If you come too late and the instruction has already started you are not allowed to participate in the written exam.
  2. Your participation in the telc exam  in Berlin is only possible if the entire exam fee is received before the registration period at Kapitel Zwei has expired.
  3. The last registration is only possible up to 1 week before the exam date.
  4. Before undergoing the exam Kapitel Zwei Berlin is committed to a strict identity control. Please bring your passport or your identity card on the day of the exam (otherwise you cannot take the exam). Identity Fraud will be reported to the police.
  5. All unregistered persons (relatives, friends) must wait outside the building. They will not be admitted on the day of the exam.
  6. Please bring a soft pencil and an eraser to the written exam (no pens!).
  7. Please note: Dictionaries are not allowed!
  8. Exam results will be given after about 3-4 weeks after the exam.
  9. Please note: The result of a partial examination is only valid until 31 December of the following year.
  10. You can cancel until 30 days before the exam date. Only then will you receive 80% of your exam fee back.
  11. Important: After the registration deadline a refund of the exam fee is no longer possible. If you do not turn up for your exam, you are not entitled to a refund of the exam fee. A partial refund of the exam fee is only possible upon presenting a medical certificate. You must submit it by the first Monday after the exam /at least two days after the exam. We will then refund 80% of your exam fees provided the telc institute has accepted the certificate.